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What are the Seahawks Saying about the Bolts?

On Philip Rivers…

“He’s just so smart. You just can’t fool the guy. He sees everything. He’s got great sense, that’s kind of where it starts. But he also has extremely great accuracy. He throws the ball in all kinds of situations, whether he’s in trouble or not. He’s not a guy who’s going to run around a lot but he moves really (well) in the pocket and then he finds way to make great throws. You can’t sack him because he’s so smart, so fast with the football. It’s just hard as it gets.” – Head Coach Pete Carroll

“Terrific player. Was around him for his first couple years. Field vision is probably unlike any I’ve ever been around. I don’t know whether it’s the size that helps him, but just his ability to see the whole field is crazy. A cute story about Philip. We coached him in the Senior Bowl when we were with the Chargers and went 4-12. Went down to the Senior Bowl down in Mobile, and we had (him on our roster). We went out for that first practice, and he was warming up. I was like, ‘Sheesh, what is with this guy?’ He’s got this herky-jerky motion, and I’m (dismissively rolling my eyes) like, ‘Pff ,man!’ So then on the very first competitive drill we had it was like ‘Pew, pew.’ The ball was coming out (incredibly well) and we were like, ‘Where’d that come from?’ I think when you watch him play, his mind processes things so fast and his arm responds. Terrific player. Awesome competitor. One of the biggest trash talkers I’ve ever been around in anything whether it’s cards, football, basketball. A tremendous competitor.” – Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer

“They’ve got Philip Rivers on the other side, one of the best to ever play the game. So, it will be a battle of the Wolfpack (alumni) this weekend. Just playing against Phil and the things he’s been able to do over his career, he’s been spectacular, so it’s going to be a battle for sure.” – QB Russell Wilson

“We’ve been watching him for a long time. He’s seen everything. He’s been very successful. He knows what he’s looking for. You can’t trick him. He has a fantastic group of receivers and weapons around him, so it’s going to be a real big challenge for us. …He’s pretty good. I’ve been in the AFC West the last three years. I’ve played him twice a year for three years, so I have some background with him.” – Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton Jr.

On Melvin Ingram…

“First of all, Ingram is one of the best defensive ends in the game. He’s a spectacular player. He’s always one of my favorite guys to play against and just watch because you want to play against some of the best guys. I don’t like when he’s chasing me, though! I’ve known him for several years now just (being) around him at Pro Bowls or wherever it may be. He’s got great enthusiasm and plays the game the right way. (He) brings great energy. We have to know where he is.” – QB Russell Wilson

On Derwin James…

“We thought he was an incredible player (going into draft). There was no question about his athleticism and his playmaking ability at all. A sure bet at his position as you could find.” – Head Coach Pete Carroll

“We’ve got to keep our eyes on him. Keep track of him. They’re doing a nice job. They put him in all different spots. He looks very, very comfortable now in those roles. A very, very good blitzer when they bring him on pressures. Really big, strong, physical guy that comes hard and plays to the whistle. So, it’s a challenge.” – Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer

On Gus Bradley…

“Gus is a great leader. Great personality. Great attitude. (An) inspirational, motivational type of guy, and you can see it (with how they’re playing). They’re playing really (well). They’re really sharp. They’re disciplined. Their effort is really good. All of that, that’s what Gus is all about. I think he’s all over it.” – Head Coach Pete Carroll

On Chargers defense…

“They’re a really well-coached, disciplined (and) high energy group. They’re fitting together really well with a real potent offense, that they don’t give up the big plays. They’re really solid, they’re really hard to beat. It’s a good group.” – Head Coach Pete Carroll

“Derwin James (is) playing great football. Casey (Hayward) is a great player, too. They’ve got a lot of guys that can make a lot of plays, and then obviously, (Brandon) Mebane up front. Just knowing him and his intelligence, and how he plays the game, his physicality at the point of attack – it’s going to be a very tough task.” – QB Russell Wilson

On Bolts’ wideouts…

“They’re really good. They’re really big. They play big and they play down the field. The leading target guy, Keenan Allen, …he’s a great catcher. Everybody can catch really well. They’ve all gotten a kind of style to themselves that’s unique and he uses the heck out of them.” – Head Coach Pete Carroll

On former Seahawks Brandon Mebane and Russell Okung…

“Those guys were right in the middle of all of it. They were really consistent, high level performers. Good personalities on the team. Everybody loves Brandon. He was just really a unique player and all that. He was here before we got here so, he was kind of one of the old guys (who) really took to it with our style. Russell was always a really upbeat and active guy. A real communicator. These guys, they were great Seahawks when they were here.” – Head Coach Pete Carroll

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