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What are the Ravens Saying About the Bolts?

“Philip is probably one of the smartest (quarterbacks). He’s probably in the category with the top two or three guys. Dissecting the defense, playing the chess game … I’m sure he and Eric (Weddle) will have a lot of that going on during the game. He really finds the weakness. He’s not afraid to take chances. The thing that’s jumped out to me watching the tape of him (that) I’m really, really impressed by is his courage. He stands in there, and he waits until the last second. He’s not waiting just to wait, he’s waiting because he has something coming open, and he’ll throw it to a spot. Most of the time it works out well for him. Sometimes you get it – sometimes you pick it off. He only holds it when he absolutely has to, and he’ll take a sack if he has to. He gets the most out of every play.” – Head Coach John Harbaugh

“Phew, he’s good! Really, I mean, in respect to the game, he’s going to go down as one of the greatest. Everybody sees it, everybody knows it. You can’t say that he’s like somebody else; he’s Philip Rivers. I think the young quarterbacks aspire to be like him, the way he has command of the offense. I heard John (Harbaugh) say in his press conference – and I told him I thought it was perfect – the analogy of, ‘He tries to get the most out of every play that he calls,’ whether it’s a run play, whether it’s a pass play. He has such a competitive spirit. As a defensive coordinator, it’s a lot of fun to go against it, because it’s a chess match on every play.” – Defensive Coordinator Don Martindale

“I’ve heard some of the guys talking that he’s a pretty emotional guy – he’ll say some things. I hear he does a lot of chirping. He has a lot of confidence in his game, and rightfully so – he’s a great player. Most great players, just about all of them, definitely have high confidence.” – CB Marlon Humphrey

“He’s one of the best men I’ve ever been around and look up to in a lot of ways. I’m grateful that I can say he’s one of my friends, one of my brothers.” – S Eric Weddle

“He’s a precision passer. A lot of his stuff is based on timing and he directs all that stuff. Anytime you can get those kind of guys, those Drew Brees-type of guys, to throw off their timing and get pressure in their face makes a hell of a difference.” – DT Michael Pierce

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