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What are the Raiders Saying About the Bolts?

On Philip Rivers…

“I’ve always admired just the way he competes and approaches every game like it’s the Super Bowl. I don’t think he gets enough credit for the amount of work that he puts in behind the scenes and how competitive he is. He doesn’t lose any games. He may run out of time once in a while, but with Rivers, you’ve always got a chance. I just think now that they’re protecting him extremely well, they’ve got a balanced offense, a good defense, I think you’re seeing the real Philip Rivers once again.” – Head Coach Jon Gruden

“I love how competitive Philip is. I really do, and he knows that. I talk to him before games, after games and all that. Like I said, I admire everything except I am not trying to catch him in the amount of kids, so he can have that one.” – QB Derek Carr

On Melvin Gordon…

“The thing I love about Gordon is he’s a great receiver. He’s a guy that they can detach, they can line him up in the slot, they can throw him the ball out of the backfield, he can mismatch linebackers in the passing game and he’s a really good runner. They have a great scheme there in L.A. They have a very diverse kind of running game, and they have the perfect complimentary back to keep Melvin fresh when he does get tired.” – Head Coach Jon Gruden

On Desmond King…

“Obviously, he’s a second-year guy coming into his own in this defense. I’ve always felt the second-year players show the most improvement. He’s comfortable, he’s instinctive, he’s a very good tech player. He’s got some coverage ability, and he fits right in with that whole crowd they have on defense. They’ve done a great job of recognizing talent and developing talent down there in L.A. It’s a credit to their organization.” – Head Coach Jon Gruden

On Chargers’ defense…

“I think their defense is really coming on under Gus Bradley. They have not given up a lot of big plays. They’re very, very physical. They have game changing players at all three levels of their defense. (Denzel) Perryman is really hitting people and knocking people’s socks off. I think the young safety (Derwin James) they drafted has really been an impact player. (Casey) Hayward’s a Pro Bowl corner and no one’s really blocking (Melvin) Ingram. And when you see (Joey) Bosa come back, I think you have a team that has a chance to contend for all of it.” – Head Coach Jon Gruden

“Very physical. They love to run to the ball, hit; they want to impose their will. Just like last time, when you turn the tape on that’s what you see. Same thing. They have great players, they’re a great team and they’re playing well with each other. It shows.” – QB Derek Carr

On Chargers offense…

“You kind of know their tendencies. Looking at film, they haven’t changed much from when we played them until now. They pretty much do what they do. They don’t care what the other team does. They’re going to do what they do, and a lot of the stuff is the same thing…” – DE Arden Key

“I think they’ve improved their team tremendously. (Russell) Okung is healthy. He’s playing good football. He’s back. The two guards that they drafted, I mean they’ve added some good players to their front. They fortified their offense. They were able to run the ball. They have a good, creative scheme. Two distinctly different backs. They have some guys that can really raise hell on the outside now. (Mike) Williams is healthy. Keenan Allen has been a good player. They have balance.” – Head Coach Jon Gruden

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