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What are the Bengals Saying About the Bolts?

On Philip Rivers…

“His understanding and study of the opponent’s defense (makes him so good). He tries to know you as well as you know yourself. His ability within their offense to attack what they feel is the perceived weakness (is second to none).” – Head Coach Marvin Lewis

On Chargers defense…

“They’re very, very athletic. Their front seven is very athletic and the things they’ve had to do because of Joey’s injury, the film they have, the things that we have seen, it’s very athletic and very versatile. You’ve got safeties playing in the box at linebacker levels. You’ve got defensive ends (that) stand up and they’re running all around the field. They can create a great challenge for people because of some of the chaos and some of the things that they do…” – C Billy Price

“Defensively, what they do, they do very well. They have their young safety (Derwin James) doing a great job of fitting in and making plays both in the pass game and even pressuring, blitzing and in run game tackling. We know with their outside rushers in (Melvin) Ingram and (Joey) Bosa what they bring to the table each and every time.” – Head Coach Marvin Lewis

“They have good players. It starts with those two guys off the edge in (Melvin) Ingram and (Joey) Bosa. They’ve made a lot of plays this year. They’re not a very complicated defense, but they’re good at what they do.” – QB Jeff Driskel

On Joey Bosa…

“A freak. I think that’s probably the unanimous term for him. Very big. I mean, he’s 6-5, he’s 260, 270 (pounds), whatever he is at this point. He’s rare. He’s able to turn from quickness to power very, very quickly. I think he can impact the game and impact anything whenever he wants it. He’s a guy that if he wants to flip that switch, there’s nobody stopping him. So, a great challenge for us. … It’s going to be fun going against him again. … Joey’s a freak. Again, everything as advertised.” – C Billy Price

On Chargers offense…

“They’re playing really well on offense, whether it be running the football when (Melvin) Gordon or the other back is in there. Then obviously with what Keenan Allen and Phillip Rivers are doing in the pass game, it’s very impressive right now. We’ve got another hot offense we’re going up against.” – Head Coach Marvin Lewis

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