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The Sky is the Limit for Los Angeles Chargers WR Mike Williams

Los Angeles Chargers WR Mike Williams is starting to show off why he was chosen with the 7th overall pick in the draft.  The sky is the limit.

We all had been waiting to see Mike Williams shine on the field. Sooner or later Los Angeles Chargers WR Mike Williams was going to make a splash. Against one of the best secondaries in the league, he was the shining star on the offense. This is going to be happening more and more and more as he continues to develop his relationship with Philip Rivers.

We already have Keenan Allen as a shining star on offense. He is the best at getting off of the line and creating separation from his defender for the short and intermediate routes. He is amazing at moving the chains and creating after the catch. He is a number 1 receiver. We just added another one to the team.

Mike brings a different dimension at the wide receiver position and is proving that he is a number 1 receiver in his own right. Only 2 weeks ago we were wondering when he would be in the starting lineup, but now I am wondering when he will takeover as the number 1 target. He already is a top option in the red zone.

We had been using Travis Benjamin to stretch the field deep but with him out with an injury for the last few weeks it opened up an opportunity. Williams has been seeing an increased amount of snaps and doesn’t look like he will be letting that go.

Williams made a splash in the Rams game by catching a deep pass in the end zone. I honestly thought Philip Rivers had overthrown the ball, but Williams was able to run under it and snag it for a sick score. He shows the ability to stretch the field and he has the size and the will to snatch the ball away from defenders. He has been showing Megatron type abilities on the field this season.

We have TWO top receivers on this roster and one of the best quarterbacks in the game. Now if we could get some defensive help.

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