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Los Angeles Chargers should trade for Seahawks Earl Thomas

The Los Angeles Chargers need to get on a call with the Seattle Seahawks to see what it would take to get Earl Thomas.

The pass rush is a mess and we all can see it. The defense is missing a little edge without Joey Bosa and he should be able to fix some of the holes when he gets back.

There are other issues that need to be addressed also. Take a look at the backside of this defense at safety. It has been awesome to see Derwin James shine on the field and he is a superstar in the making. He is going to be an elite player in this game for years to come. The problem is at the other safety position. In order for this secondary to live up to this JackBoyz moniker that they have coined, they need to find someone that can play free safety.

Jahleel Addae has had a terrible season and has not been the answer back there. He doesn’t have the range at the position and he doesn’t have great hands. He has been late getting to the ball and has been taking poor angles from the spot. It has not been pretty.

The best player at free safety at the moment is Derwin. The best player at strong safety is Derwin. Derwin’s natural position is in the box, but we don’t have a player to play center field for us if Derwin is in the box.

There is one option in Seattle that the Chargers need to explore. Will they be willing to pay the price for him?

Seattle Seahawks S Earl Thomas wants a new contract and has asked to be traded. He likely will cost a 2nd rounder, hopefully a 3rd rounder, out of the Chargers and he would also need a nice contract extension. Is it worth it?

If the Chargers want to make a serious push this year, then this is a move that gets them there. The Chargers would be adding a player that knows Gus Bradley’s system and would add veteran leadership for young Derwin. He has the range to erase mistakes and will get his hands on the football.

Let’s make the move. Let’s get Earl Thomas.


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