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Los Angeles Chargers-Raiders rock uniforms from ’63 in 2009 game

The Chargers and Raiders kicked off the 2009 season in a Monday Night matchup in an unordinary, but stylish fashion.

Both Oakland and then San Diego were members of the American Football League in 1963. And as a tribute to the AFL’s 50th anniversary, the two teams dressed up in their old school uniforms.

Here are some photos of them in their threads:

Al Golub via Getty Images

Al Golub via Getty Images

Most people might not realize it, but the Chargers’ current alternative jersey is very similar to the retro ones that they supported way back when. The most notable difference that stands out is the uniform numbers on the helmets.

There are several things different between the tops, though. The side stripe has a blue background, the front number is well more defined, the side numbers are above the bolt logo, the lightning bolt looks different, and the facemask is a different color.

Most fans would love to see the Chargers bust these uniforms out again for old times’ sake.

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