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Los Angeles Chargers fans stare at things half glass empty

Los Angeles Chargers fans can’t help but be pessimistic throughout a football game.

Let’s get back on the positive train. I am tired of the pessimism that our fan base has. No matter what we do, some of our fans just can’t get excited because of all the things that have happened in the past. I get it. I understand all the hurt that we have suffered for years, but can we just leave that in that past and move forward!

We score a touchdown to get us right back into the game and while I get stoked, I hear some of the most pessimistic comments ever.

“We just are going to get back in it and miss the game winning field goal in the end.”

“Don’t matter we ain’t beating them”

I get that our defense was getting ripped a new one all game long, but DAMN!! Have a little bit of faith. What happened to all the Kool Aid that we were sipping at the beginning of the year? Did you think we would run right out of the gates and go 16-0? As soon as one little thing goes wrong, we run right back into our comfortable hurt place and start wondering when and how we will blow the game this time.

Even when we start on this winning streak that we are about to go on, our  fans are going devalue every single win that we have.

“We couldn’t beat a team better than .500”

“We haven’t beaten a good team in years”

“We just are going to choke in the playoffs again”

“Just wait till we play the Chiefs again”

EFF THE CHIEFS! Every year they start out like this! Last year they rolled up on the Patriots and smashed them. At the end of the year, we were right there in the race and could have taken the West.

We are only 3 games into the season and we will be right in the race at the end. The defense has issues, but we are going to start facing the easiest part of our schedule and we are about to get our All-World pass rusher back soon. We can only play the games that are on our schedule and I will take those wins to get us to the playoffs.

I must be a new fan since I don’t know what this team has done. WRONG!

I have suffered through Marlon McCree. I know Nate Kaeding has no clutch bone in his body. I have watched some of the worst Chargers teams that we have had. I know that our special teams has been garbage for too long.

I have seen our special teams when it was one of the best with Andre Coleman and John Carney and Darren Bennett and David Binn. I have seen Darren Sproles return kicks and punts for scores. I know what it can look like.

I remember when we were drafting Ladainian Tomlinson. I remember I wanted Mike Vick that year.  I remember how bad we were the year before that! I remember how bad this team was and we had to shuffle through some of the worst quarterbacks in the league. Ryan Leaf was a bust, but we had even worst players with no potential like Moses Moreno and Craig Whelihan starting games! That is some hot garbage.

We have one of the best quarterbacks in the league that will keep us in football games. We have some solid weapons for him at wide receiver and at running back. I like what I have seen in our head coach.

I understand your pessimism, but I would rather have hope. I guess I will stare at the glass half full and I guess I will look at it with as much optimism as our quarterback.

I still believe this team will get to the playoffs and will make a push. I still remember that Philip gets better as the season gets going and he already has started this season on fire.

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