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Los Angeles Chargers Chance to Beat a ‘Good’ Team

People keep saying that the Los Angeles Chargers have not beaten anyone this season…. now we will beat someone that is “good.”

I am tired of hearing that the Chargers have not beaten anyone. It is stupid! Did we lose to any of those stupid teams!? If they beat us, they would have a much better record, but those are the damn teams that are on our schedule. This time around, the Chargers get to play against a “good” team.

Are the Seahawks really that good? It is not going to be easy heading up to Seattle and dealing with that crowd and the team is decent. Is it the Kansas City Chiefs, the New England Patriots or the Los Angeles Rams? NO! This is just another team. Just look at their schedule and look at who they have beaten. They have beaten the Oakland Raiders, the Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions. NOTHING!

When the Chargers take a dump on the Seahawks, the “experts” will still say that we have beaten nobody because then the Seahawks would be sitting at a .500 record now.

We can only play the teams that are on the schedule and this is a game that the Chargers should win. I wish that Joey Bosa was back on the field, but we still are sitting around and waiting for that one. That is going to be the biggest question mark going into the game. We still need to find ways to get pressure and we still need to find ways to get off the field in 3rd down.

I expect the Chargers to force turnovers and I expect Philip Rivers to take control on offense as he has done all season. The Chargers are also coming off of the BYE and have the extra time to prep for this game.

The Chargers will finally beat someone “good”… haters will disregard it regardless.

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