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LaDainian Tomlinson begs for San Diego to support the Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers have epically failed to engage their new home market. No one cares about them in LA and they’ve had trouble packing their diminutive soccer stadium home with their own fans. Now they’re pathetically trying to lure San Diego fans back into the fold.

On Friday, former Charger great Billy Ray Smith had LaDainian Tomlinson on his podcast. Dean Spanos hired Tomlinson to become a shill for the Chargers after the move to LA. It hasn’t worked out so well.

Tomlinson was expected to help keep San Diego fans in the fold due to his connection with the town. That hasn’t happened, as the city of San Diego has largely abandoned the franchise. There is a ton of anger towards the team in “America’s Finest City” and it likely won’t ever go away.

While guesting on Smith’s podcast, Tomlinson basically resorted to begging San Diegans to support the Chargers despite their move. He pleaded with San Diegans to forgive Spanos for ripping the team away from them and come back to the fold.


You know things are bad when you’re begging people to support your franchise because you, “need their support badly.”

Tomlinson was one of my favorite football players of all-time, but I feel completely justified in telling him he can tell his boss to go f–k himself. To be forgiven you have to actually make an apology or ask for forgiveness. Spanos and his family have never done that. Just like everything Spanos has done in his life, he wants something given to him when he hasn’t done the actual work to deserve it.

When the Chargers left San Diego they made less than zero effort to retain their fans. Spanos and company expected to waltz into LA and immediately have a massive following. That didn’t happen. They also expected San Diego to continue following the team because the city wouldn’t have other options. Again, that didn’t happen.

Now the Chargers are a team without a fan base and have exhorted to begging people to support them. Let’s just break this down to its component parts: An NFL team moved to a new city and is now begging fans from its former city for support. I’m not exaggerating when I say that’s most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen in sports.

San Diego isn’t forgiving Spanos, the Chargers or the NFL. They abandoned this city and they are reaping what they have sowed.

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