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Kevin Harland piled on the Los Angeles Chargers

Kevin Harlan was a guest on the Ben and Woods show on The Mighty 1090 in San Diego on Wednesday and at the end of an extensive interview he took a serious shot at the Los Angeles Chargers.

(Full disclosure: I was guest-hosting on the program, but despite what you might think, I didn’t ask any questions about the Chargers, Los Angeles or San Diego. His rant about the Bolts was completely unprompted.)

Listen for yourself:

Here are the relevant quotes:

“You do not know how much we all miss San Diego, you do not … It is a huge void that will not be filled. You see what the Chargers are not doing in Los Angeles, no one cares and they’re a good team. No one cares in that city about the Chargers. It’s all Rams and they’re not going away…

“I just wonder if this is gonna work. There are signs to me around the league, the owners are getting restless. The prices, as we’ve seen, for PSLs in that new stadium are well below what the Rams are asking. It’s not what Kroenke was bargaining for when he brought them in.

“Listen, I think there’s always a glimmer of hope and there’s no better place for that team to be back than San Diego. But we miss it, we miss the fans there, and the great hospitality in that city. That story, the final chapter has not been written, I really believe that.”

Wow, that’s just an uppercut to Dean Spanos’ jaw from a national broadcaster.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

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